Who We Are

Designers / Manufacturers / Suppliers

Opine Lifestyles designs luxurious accents and accessories across four key pillars of the hospitality industry: In-room, Bathroom, Bar & Restaurant, and F&B buffet displays: through a customized approach and an in-depth insight into a brand’s design and aesthetics. Since its launch in 2010, Opine Lifestyles has continued to capture the appreciation of leading global hospitality chains for its close attention to details in designs and finishes in all the tableware and custom room décor.

Time-honored techniques and hand-worked finishes take centre stage to create the line of products with sustainably and ethically sourced materials. An extensive experience in manufacturing for hotels, restaurants and bar and lounges has given the brand a thorough knowledge of how property interior elements and hues can be reinterpreted in a way that blends into the setting of a space and becomes a natural extension of the hospitality experience.

What We Do

Aesthetically decorative & functional designs Design & Manufacturing

For rooms and suites, the idea is to collaborate with hotel architects and housekeeping teams to understand the design language and guest servicing requirements respectively for designing an entire range of products to accentuate the space with a warm and personalized touch. The most skilled craftsmen make the tableware and decorative range, which enhances the uniqueness of the design. Each product designed at Opine Lifestyles echo’s personalization in a way that seamlessly integrates a brand’s identity and complements its key characteristics through bespoke detailin

Product Customisation

Hospitality / Residential / Retail & Commercial

A customized process is followed from start to finish, where perfectly coordinated colors and quality fabrics are used to create exclusive, detailed designs relating to a brand. As Opine Lifestyles extends its services beyond design, to even manufacturing of objects, the brand maintains direct supplier relations as well for projects. Delivering over 2,00,000 rooms in hotels and resorts, bar and restaurants, multinational corporate offices throughout India, Middle East, United Kingdom and the United States Of America, the brand with its team of designers, artisans, managers, and sales associates aims to provide versatile designs that reflect present day living.